FLY stands for FIRST LOVE YOURSELF. Founded in 2019, FLY is a trusted community marketplace that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. We passionately believe in self-love, body-positivity, and native labels. FLY is not just a business; it is an initiative and an idea that promotes a positive self-image through clothes for every woman.

About our business

Founded by Somyata, a Fashion Stylist, FLY was launched in 2019 as a styling platform. Gradually it was molded into a multi-brand shopping portal that connected homegrown labels and startups from across the country to a more diverse audience. We aim to promote these homegrown labels by encouraging our shoppers to support and buy local. Each brand available on FLY further supports a team who add a layer of authenticity and personalization to their products.

Founders Message

Being an avid fashion enthusiast, the idea of dressing up and styling those around me was always an intriguing thought. After a Bachelor's degree, I pursued a fashion styling course in Mumbai and then in London. After working with several stylists and multiple jobs later, I decided to step into the e-commerce world of fashion.

Women are born with superpowers, each unique and beautiful in their own skin. FLY is my initiative to help empower women by spreading the message of self-love. I took my passion and nurtured it with a message. Starting at the very base- my home, my country, today we are a proud family of 15 and still happily growing. So ladies, happy shopping and, keep spreading the word!


All Bodies Are Beautiful